Wristlet - turquoise

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Item# : 354301
This stylish carrying pouch conveniently fits on your wrist to store and transport your Norwex Reusable Face Masks with BacLock®.
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21 cm x 12.5 cm Strap: 12.7 cm
  • Problem & Solution

    You take a couple of Norwex Reusable Face Masks everywhere you go, to help filter potentially harmful particles from the air you breathe. But you need a place to store your used and unused masks. 

    The dual-pocketed Wristlet is the perfect travel companion for our Reusable Face Masks. One side has a charcoal zip and one has a turquoise zip. Use one side to store clean masks, and the other for used ones.

  • How To Use
    • Store clean Norwex Reusable Face Masks in one pocket; used in the other.
    • Make sure you take it with you everywhere.
    • Wash used masks after each wear.



    • Hand wash and let air dry. 
  • Features & Benefits
    • Made from 100% recycled PET (polyester).
    • Different zip colors on each side help you remember which side for used and unused masks.
    • Two great colour options pair perfectly with any of our Norwex Reusable Face Masks.
    • Handy strap makes it convenient when you’re on the go. 
  • Did You Know?
    • Unlike polyester, recycled polyester uses PET as the raw material. This is the same material used in clear, plastic water bottles. Recycling it to create fabric prevents it from going to a landfill.
    • Airborne particles ranging in size from 0.1 to one micron are especially hazardous because they can be inhaled easily and can lodge deep within the lungs. Dust, bacteria, mould spores, tobacco smoke, odours, infectious particles and allergens all fall in this  size range.