Ultra Plush Body & Face Pack - graphite

Item# : 753001

It’s our thickest, plushest, most absorbent personal care microfibre in a beautiful new limited-edition graphite. Perfect for pleasing family and special guests!

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3 cloths, 32 x 32 cm
  • Problem & Solution

    The holidays are a time for setting a special mood and making family and friends feel pampered and welcome. Who wants to use thin, frayed wash cloths that require soap to get skin clean?

    Our Special Edition Body and Face Pack cloths are not only beautiful to behold in gorgeous graphite, they’re also super-thick and fluffy. Family and guests will feel comforted and filled with joy!

  • How To Use

    •     Wet face and cleanse with a damp cloth.
    •     For dry or sensitive skin, including skin around the eye area, wipe gently with a moist cloth.
    •     For oily skin or for a deeper exfoliation, wring cloth well before using.
    •     Rinse under warm water and use other side of cloth to continue cleansing face or body.

    Wash dirty cloths with a Norwex laundry detergent and avoid bleach, fabric softeners and dryer sheets. 

  • Features & Benefits
    •     Ultra-soft microfibre is perfect for sensitive skin.
    •     Perfect for removing excess oils from skin.
    •     Super-gentle, ultra-plush microfibre pampers your skin as you cleanse.
    •     Comes in a pack of three.
    •     On-trend graphite works well throughout the year.
    •     Coordinates with our Special Edition Bath and Hand Towels too!
    •     You’ll save money since you don’t need to wash them after each use.
  • Did You Know?
    • Typical soaps and cleansers can be harsh and drying to skin. This can be problematic for those with sensitive skin. Using a soft microfibre cloth with just water can help maintain the balance of delicate skin.
    •  Leaving a bit of moisture on your skin after showering can help it not to become too dry, especially if you help lock in that moisture with a good body lotion or moisturiser.